Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Look at what Rachel found sitting on top of a random Honda Civic, while on location in Rhode Island. Ack is right.



Saturday, June 21, 2003

OK. Fine. So I'm not on all of them yet (read entry below), except for the Zoloft. Now, le shrink said it might be in my best interest to absorb all three. What do you think? Actually, I don't care what you think. I know what you all think. And being a big fan of substance overlap myself, you'd think my decision making process, in this case, would be easier. Think again. Maybe I'll do a year-long taste test and then find out which pill(s) works for me. At worst, it'll make a hilarious montage sequence, me being on a sundry of assorted stimuli.

It's an exciting all-new summer season. Stay tuned.


Thursday, June 19, 2003

Everything is loathsome. And everyone.

Except you, of course.

But on the plus side, I'm on three -- three!! -- prescribed (why not?) medications: Zoloft, shocking uppers, and some itty-bitty anxiety pills that look like hits of acid cut into fourths. They're just that small and concentrated. Like Ultra Tide. Anyway, shrinks are good, and it's been long overdue. They also like to prescribe stuff, for which I'm almost sure they're paid royalties. The Zoloft will take God knows how long to kick in, but the others? Mix in a glass of wine and it's a party for one.

[Editor's note to Sarah: Do not call me in a panic. We've discussed this. It's all good. I love you. Go back to your bottle of Chardonnay and Marlboro Light.]