CubbyVision Episode Guide

Episode 1
airdate: 2 june 00

pic of Brian Weaver from episode 1The series begins with Cubby Creature Brian Weaver pic of Mr. Fantastic from episode 1reading from the Cubby Bible; Huck Forest introduces keyboard-playing sidekick Mr. Fantastic; resident expert John Andren explains how to smoke on an airplane; Reverend Myrtle Motivation delivers a rousing pro-Cubby sermon; the Smartest Girl in San Francisco answers questions from inside a wicker cage; Huck screens the first installment of Max Schiller's Waiting for Goodman.

Episode 2
airdate: 7 july 00

Cubby Creatures Brian Weaver and Jol make a call out to Kathy Barra, a former classmate they want to pic of the stalker next to Rev. Myrtle Motivation from episode 2apologize to; Rhoda, pic of Rhoda from episode 2 "the apocryphal sister of the Virgin Mary," offers tips for better living; Huck screens Rebecca Haycox's Megathlon; ambitious amoebas plot to infiltrate Huckıs body and conquer the human species; a man from the audience attacks Huck; Myrtle comforts the assembly; Max Schiller introduces episode two of his Waiting for Goodman, only to be rudely interrupted.

Episode 3
airdate: 4 august 00

Huck and train aficionado Terry set out to visit the Randall Museum; pic of JoJO, the Castro Dance Maestro, dancing from episode 3 theyıre joined by Jo-Jo the Castro Dance Maestro and Chanel, Huckıs self-declared "biggest fan"; the amoebas inside Huck's body plan to multiply; at the Randall, itıs Junior Engineer Day, so Huck talks to train enthusiasts while the gang is treated to a demonstration of the museum's model railroad; Huck rescreens episode two of Max Schillerıs Waiting for Goodman.

Episode 4: a new hope
airdate: 1 september 00

It is a bleak period for the artist in San Francisco, and with a national election just months away, the Cubby Creatures form a new political party, with Huck joining them in their search for the perfect pic of Huck Forest from episode 4 candidate; on the streets of the Mission, pic of Irene and Colleen from episode 4they encounter a waiter, a homeless Canadian, a gay cyclist called Marck, and Irene and Colleen, two representatives of the Mission's Irish roots; the Reverend Myrtle and independent filmmaker Max Schiller join the quest, and Jo-Jo the Castro Dance Maestro and his dancer Coco treat the gang to a dance number; Myrtle leads the faithful in a prayer for divine intervention; Rhoda appears at Cubby Control with Ronald Bonemaker.

Episode 5
airdate: 6 october 00

pic of doreen from episode 5Huck receives news of his imminent eviction from the TV studio; Reverend Myrtle offers support; doctors Todd Spicer and Robin MacKenzie, self-proclaimed stalker experts, advise Huck on how to deal with his stalker; Huck's ex-wife Doreen Forest talks about her upcoming WB series, Nathan's Creek, and then unveils surveillance-camera videotape of Huck at a leather fetish party; Cubby Party presidential hopefuls Suzie Potsniff and Ronald Bonemaker talk up their campaign and answer phone-in questions from home viewers; Bonemaker proposes his controversial "Dot-com Island" plan.

Episode 6
airdate: 3 november 00

pic of Rev. Myrtle Motivation from episode 6With Reverend Myrtle taking the reins in studio, Huck hits the campaign trail with Bonemaker, who's making a last-minute effort to reach the electorate, but when the unthinkable happens, it's up to Brian Weaver to race against the clock in a desperate bid to prevent the worst tragedy in Cubby history. The in-studio excitement includes bawdy tranny Pippi Lovestocking, cubby aerobics with Kendra (including the first onscreen glimpse of Kathy Barra), and Jol's living art piece, "2 Gays Kissing."

Episode 7
airdate: 3 december 00

pic of 'Give Justice a Chance' sign from episode 7Angry about the authorities' lack of response to the assassination, Huck holds a "Bed-in for Justice." His bedside visitors and attendants include Gerard Kaplan of the Student Activist Radio Network, Marck the Gay, Kathy Barra, Roderick the publicist, and Renaldo, an amorous sock puppet who meets an untimely end.

Episode 8
airdate: 21 april 01

pic of Max and Doreen from episode 8Max Schiller returns to promote Doreen's Nathan's Creek show, and Huck gets onscreen grooming attention from Kenneth the stylist. Also featuring aerobics with Jo-Jo, motivation from Miss Myrtle and musical guest Ral Partha.

Episode 9: the cloud 9 party
airdate: 16 june 01

pic of toxic release from episode 9When Huck throws a "dress to the nines" dinner party in Richmond, a toxic release from the neighborhood chemical plant threatens to cloud the fun. Will the doom-and-gloom predictions of tarot-reading neighbor Walker come true, or can Kathy Barra and her fabulous Putanesca sauce save the day? Featuring Jon McDonald's "Over the Falls."

episode 10: (yuddlevision)
airdate: 15 sept 01

After the chemical release, Huck seeks information from Gary Snaugge, his friend at the plant; Doreen seeks solace from Max Schiller, who's taken up with Asthmaa, a woman on the run from the Taliban; Max seeks Jo-Jo's help in convincing Doreen to exploit the Richmond tragedy to promote Nathan's Creek; Kcuh Tserof and the Council of Yuddle (represented by Spiro Vespe, Yuri Raspukin and Sir Realistic) jam the Cubbyvision broadcast, unveiling their plan to contaminate the environment and taint the cheese supply; Myrtle and Huck find Kathy Barra, who reveals what she saw at the chemical plant.

episode 11: all souls accounted for
airdate: 20 october 01

Doreen, Kathy Barra, Jo-Jo, Max Schiller, Marck the Gay and Tristy Taylor reflect on the September 11th tragedy; meanwhile, at Cubby Control, Mr. Fantastic and Brian Weaver focus on the more immediate Yuddle situation; Rhoda shows up to advise the boys on their next move; Huck pays tribute to his fallen hero; the cast of Nathan's Creek rehearses for "The Nathan's Creek Halloween Special."

episode 12: it's not you, it's me
airdate: 17 november 01

When Fantastic says goodbye to Cubbyvision, Huck leans on Myrtle, who helps plot a course for the pic of Donna from episode 12show's future; a body-fluid exchange with Huck causes local hipster Donna Delano to fall under the influence of the power-hungry amoebas, whose nefarious Plan B has her scrambling to launch a boy band; while Max spearheads the hunt for Fantastic's replacement, Donna drags the same shallow talent pool for her Electric Shadows; Doreen nudges Nathan's Creek costar Jimmy toward a second career as a rock star as she herself moves to reclaim a spot at the side of her former on- and offscreen costar--Huck.

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