past projects, products and programs
The Cubby Collective's cable access show started out as a talk show with host Huck Forest, then expanded to follow his exploits around the Bay Area, and then turned into the CubbyVision Clip Show, featuring short works by mostly local filmmakers.
Bean Tails
First a journal of life at Cubby Control as seen through the eyes of Bean the cat, and then the blog of Cubby Control inhabitant BK, Bean Tails was suddenly and inexplicably concluded.
Cubby Creatures Past Shows
Check out flyers, photos, facts, stories, music, and even video in some cases from (most of) the shows The Cubby Creatures played throughout their career.
"It was break time and they were talking. Freddy was excited. Bert was listening..." So begins the comic, Genius, from Cubby Jason G.
The Great Comic Exchange 2
The Great Comic Exchange goes digital for their second iteration, and was thrilled to host it. Ten comic artists were asked to submit a character that they would like to see in a comic. They then had to each create a comic in which all ten characters participated in some way.
Roller Madness
On a Sunday stroll through Golden Gate Park..."Around two dozen roller-skaters and bladers swirling, gyrating and busting moves to the beat of DJ-driven 70's and 80's tunes...This was Roller Disco at its worst and I was hooked from the get go."
Welcome to the Record Collector's Resource (RCR), your one-stop Web guide to collecting 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, as presented by vinyl fetishist Cubby Brian.
Slut Stories
"It's hard being a slut," Diego exclaims and then explains, "These tales describe the strangest sexual encounters I've experienced as a slut." WARNING: Adult content -- not for the faint of heart. (Now you *have* to check it out, right?)
Source Mirror Record
The Cubby Creatures' Source Mirror Record series collects unreleased demos, abandoned projects, rehearsal recordings, and other audio oddments and remnants, making them available as musical podcasts free to download, or to purchase individually on Bandcamp.
They Killed John-John!
"'The Famous Show' claims another victim," Cubby Karl declares as he tries to come to terms with the sudden and tragic death of John F. Kennedy Junior.
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