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blāācmäjik is the solo project of Cubby co-founder and Cubby Control Records proprietor Brian Weaver. He has self-released material in the past under the names Poopdeck Pappy, Midnight Mud Flaps and his given name. But he has now decided to bring it all together under one name, blāācmäjik, in reference to his admiration for and interest in the pagan, or non-Judeo-Christian-Muslim, activities referred to (perhaps inaccurately) as Black Magic. Indeed, he likens his own creative musical process to ceremonial Black Magick, since it involves delving deep into the preconditioned mental state of unlearnedness for the purpose of awakening his own mind and those of others to transcend the lies of existence and perceive truth -- an act often deemed malevolent. Old and new recordings will be released in the not so distant future, with the help of the Black Virgin, a.k.a. Santa Muerte.
blāācmäjik in Paris

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