Image of the Cubby Creatures' 7-inch single Three Sides of Cubby   Image of the Cubby Creatures' 13th Missalette, the Girly Mag

The November 9, 2002, show at the Cafe Du Nord was all about pink, since both the Three Sides record and Girly Mag had pink covers. But if you were to assign a color to the entire evening, it is debatable whether that color would be pink. The show was beset with problems, from band infighting, to squabbling with the other bands over who would play first and last, to leaving a bag of much needed equipment at the rehearsal space -- not to mention a lacklustre performance. As a matter of fact, it would be shortly after this show that Karl would announce his departure from the band. Interestingly, the Cubby Creatures did make the most money at this show than at any other show they've ever had.


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