Dear Customer Service Representative Scorpio (the scorpion)
Dear customer service representative: My husband and I are long time [insert name of company here] customers.

However, we had a horrible experience while visiting the [name of company] store in [insert locale here].

Both of us were at the store yesterday afternoon [insert date here] returning an item. an illusion of imperfectionWhile we were at the register, the two male sales clerks continued to make inappropriate comments. I have NEVER witnessed anything like it at any store I visited in my entire life! Here are some of the things they decided to discuss in front of us while both of them were standing at the register wringing up items:

"Would you stop feeling my butt?"

"Did you forget your thong at my place last night?"

And more of the same.

During that time they kept looking at us, half-smiling. One of them was also burping very loudly. I do not think I need to go into any more detail regarding this incident.

I really hope that you will act on this matter appropriately, and notify me of the results. I was insulted by two of the employees of your company, and if I don't receive a response I will forward the same letter to [insert person's name here], the chairman of [name of company].

In addition I would like to get the name of the manager of that store?

Yours truly,

[insert name of person here]
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