Aries The Usual Philosophical Introduction from the Editor  
The Zodiac

So often, instead of asking "What does this mean?" I find myself asking, "Where is this all going?" Meaning is all subjective and stuff. For some reason, the future--the outcome, the benefit, or whatever--seems less so, especially after it happens. To use the ever popular car metaphor, some of us have been traveling on this road of Fortune for a while, wondering where it goes. Questions: Are we the driver of the car? If we are the car, are we only a part of the car, like he's the carburetor and she's the solenoid and I'm the steering wheel? Hmm... The engine of the Cubby we know has been turning for eternity. But this particular wheel (or gear) has only been connected to it for a few years now. The auto conceit if anything gives us the power to wonder, or perhaps wander, further. Isn't that what America is all about? Enjoy.

Jason Gonzales