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dear smartest girl:

what does this mean about me: I have at least five different versions of madonna's
human nature on my real jukebox. I believe it to be more than five, but I'm consciously trying to not exaggerate here. anyway, the one I like is the Radio Version. That sounds the best to me. What does that mean about me? Am I OK?

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The Smartest Girl in San Francisco Says,

Ask yourself a few of these questions: Do you tend to archive your favorite possesions? Do you have a lot of photo albums? Do you find yourself hesitating to throw even useless things away if they have a smidgen of sentimental value?

If you said yes to even one of the questions above, you may be a Collector. And being a Collector is OK.

You should not berate yourself for having four-too-many of something, because you take joy in each and every one of them. Even though you may have a favorite, it means a lot to you to have a back-up, in case your favorite becomes tiresome. Versions of things are interesting to you. As a Collector, you may have an issue with loyalty, but on the flip side, you are open minded and are willing to look at all the possibilities available to you.

Collectors tend to be nesters, and take much joy out of their surroundings. They like to create their own place in the world, something that is uniquely theirs.

Collectors often have a hard time sharing, but they do have a great appreciation for other peoples' collections. Collectors often are traditionalists at heart, but are always on the look-out for something new. Collectors tend to appreciate details, and don't often see the bigger picture.

Remember: It is OK to be a Collector. You are OK. You are a good person. You deserve to be treated with respect.

-The Smartest Girl in San Francisco

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