The Exquisite Corpse Missalette
Exquisite Corpse Drawing used as the cover of the print version of the Exquisite Corpse Misalette. Dear Friends

Welcome to the Cubby Missalette # 15, the Exquisite Corpse Issue! Much of the material contained herein was generated at a happening that happened at our apartment on October 11, 2003 in the Mission district of San Francisco. We played games, ate strudel, drank coffee and then played more games, ate nachos and drank beer. Some folks who could not attend sent bits from abroad. The result was this fabulous piece of detritus you are now holding in your hands.

The Surrealist painter, photographer, cartographer, geographer, and encyclopedist Mame Ozenfant put it best when she wrote:
    I pluck it from the
    tree of life
    to watch it wither
    and die

    it is my
    purple babe

    hanging in a blackened
    haze at the end

    of the garden
    in the purple yellow
    lit light

    What are underpants?
    A dream in which you are falling.

    What is intelligence?
    An adventure from which you never return.

Many thanks to the contributors: Brian Weaver, Karl Soehnlein, Kevin Clarke, Star Morin, Jeremy Clark, Alec Way, David Booth, Jim Robinson, Jim Donnelly, Grant Inaba, Jenny Bitner, Adam Souzis, James Goode, Drew DeWitt, Nancy Thomas, Carla Hall, Antonio Belmonte, Lorna Kirwan, Bill Fisher, Josh Babcock, Gizella Peter, Dave Dunstan, Emily Davis, Cyrus Limon, Andrew Kavanagh, Jol Perez, John Boyle, David Novak, T. Mikawa, Jojo Hiroshige, Hugh McIntyre, Junko, John Clement, Kosakai, Art Pratter, Aya Ohnishi, Mark and (apologies) his friend from Pittsburgh, PA.

Extra thanks and apologies to anyone we are forgetting.

Our best,
Ben Costello
Liz Tinker

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