my in box
(a sampling by jol)
exquisite corpse drawing Missin on ya hard core.
Our honeymoon was nearly 3 months ago.
All the secrets of the past summer
have never even turned it on.
As far as being on somewhat unchartered seas
i think it means 'of course.'
we have to work in that space
between my ears.
Okay. when?
Anytime is good. i get here at 8 am.
We are free friday after work
The bar is way too sleazy for my liking.
It may hurt a flower, but it wont kill it's seed.
i toast will be had: vicodin and xanax.
Are you enjoying the rain???
Remarkable seeing these sea creatures
up close and personal.
Respect your decisions for yourself.
Call Flores.
Tell me more about please.
He's one of the first few people
I met and have been trying to get
Acclimated (sp?) to the hustle and bustle.
We're a new company with
new procedures
of your most scandalous
compadres and accomplices.
i'm still reading
to try to get an explanation for your hair.
I'm spending all this time playing with it.
My phone was dying most of
it to hear you're interested in the position.
You might find this interesting:
to maintain a certain domestic balance
and avoid saturating our home with testosterone
there appears to be only one item in it.
How do I do this?
There's a big backyard
and that's most likely hwere I'll be.
Also planted some mums for Mom.
I'll let you know as soon as we make any decisions.
And let's make this thing wild.
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