Other Norsemen
image of original copy of 'Other Norsemen'. A ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean, let
us suppose, is in trouble.   They need-
ed a harbor.

Leif sailed along the coast for several
weeks.    He would have to buy from
hundreds of men to believe that they can
fight evil spirits and cast spells on impossible things!

                                      They used paper money,
which was much easier to carry than heavy

         Other Norsemen                        decided
that they wanted to be free from England.

A few kinds of living things are puzzles.

                                 Latin words
                 Naming the

telling which of these imaginary lines meet
at the spot where the ship is.

                                      From one of them air
lines go to foreign lands as well as to other
parts of the United States.

In the same way, some people think that
        a modern
the money needed for it had not yet been
                                                   harbor there.

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