by cye
A Note from the Editor

      Welcome to the television issue of the Missalette, which will prove almost as pleasurable and rewarding as watching TV itself. In it youíll find pathetic pros and ignorant cons about that magic box of light and love, a Paradise Hotel forum thread gone linguistically awry, formative crushes on TVís pixilated images, and much more.
      At first I thought of trying to explain why people lie so often about what they truly like to watch, or how television might exist as a common connection between race, class, gender, and attractive and ugly viewers; but only people who prefer to read blather on about that kind of aimless bullshit, so I wonít.
      But I just love TV. (And what I currently cherish more than food and shelter these days is NBCís Starting Over, a show focusing on the lives of seven women attempting to take control of their inoperably fucked up lives by way of hyper-encouraging life coaches. Created by the makers of the landmark Real World series, the show takes the viewer through the exotic briar patch of the female psyche in ways that soap operas, talk shows, and douche commercials never could. Plus, they house the lunatic ladies inside one gorgeous mansion, so they end up looking like gloomy princesses. Itís the future of television and storytelling, folks. Get used to it.) So, like a useless trust-fund adult pining away for their surrogate-mother nanny, I wistfully tip my wide-brimmed hat to my third parent, TV, for doing such a bang up job in raising me. Thanks.

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