The Cubby has managed to put out seventeen previous issues of our Missalette, making the one you're now holding in your hands Number 18. We figured we needed to mark the occasion with a related theme: Barely Legal.

We put out a call to the Cubby Faithful looking for stories about things they've done and/or observed in the world that wobble on the borderline between legal and illegal -- downloaded dirty pics of nubile bodies...foreign intervention waged in the name of our freedom...trespassing on private property...vandalism of any kind...underage drinking... aggressive panhandling...etc. etc. etc. -- and we received a lot of great stuff that addressed these juicy topics.

Likewise, many of us took advantage of the Missalette's 18th birthday to travel back to the time when we were "barely legal" -- that post-adolescent, graduating-from-high-school, off-to-college, getting-a-real-job period in life.

We received many recollections of those confusing days from our Cubby contributors. Alongside the mythmaking, irony, surrealism and strongly felt opinions that the Missalette has always contained, these visitations back to our tender years represent the "bare" (as in bared souls) in barely legal. I'm not sure what to make of this vulnerable outpouring. Is the Cubby showing its age?

--by Karl Soehnlein, who edited this issue alongside Missalette mastermind Brian Weaver

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