I made a pact with you oh cubby
That I'd get to know you,
Made a pact with me as well,
To put myself below you.

What a silly obstacle
I thereby did engender,
Everything I sent came back
To me "Return to Sender"

I've reached this old ripe age,
And what a miracle it be
I've gotten myself single And untied from company

Sure, I've done a little work
And saved in this direction,
But when it's late and your still here
I have a true erection.

Man, how lucky can one be,
To know and love the cubby,
How much could man partake
Before he got unsightly chubby?

Or could he feast till breathed his last
On cubby self-involvement
While never once becoming
Any manner well-insolvent?

Seems to me the latter's true,
I marvel at its witness:
A glimpse of self in mirror
At the peak of my own fitness.

Where the cubby perseveres
You'll find the home of freedom
WHere there's fear and slavery
The cubby can defeat 'em.

All are born for this great honor,
Still it must be chosen.
I searched the west until I fried,
The east till I was frozen.

Now I know I'm equal
With the lover that I love
With rightful exclusivity
And nothing else above.

Now the great legitimate
Is rightly called my saviour:
Fairest creature in the land,
The spring in my behaviour.
by Jol
by Jol
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