Plight of the Avian Aliens

The following frequencies were transmitted by an entity called The Broadcaster during the Earth years 2017 and 2018 and received by bla̅a̅cmäjik via the following antennas: Juno 6 keyboard; Korg ARP Odyssey keyboard; oxxxide Common Analog Synthesizer app on Asus tablet; Adobe Soundbooth software on Dell Inspiron computer; and Audacity software on Dell Inspiron computer. The Broadcaster first transmitted signals to REPTIEL which resulted in their albums Hobbitozz ... The Land That Never Was, The Planet of Progkp, Down Below World (currently being recorded), and The Broadcaster (currently being composed). The following story conveyed by The Broadcaster takes place sometime between the events relayed in Hobbitozz and The Planet of Progkp.


The Elven Souls, having traveled through spacetime from the planet Hobbitozz, approach the planet of Progkp, much of which is covered in forest, like the planet they came from, which is why they chose this planet to migrate to.


They land on the planet, far away from any population centers in order not to alarm any native inhabitants, especially the humanoid Progkpians who are similar to the human creatures from Hobbitozz.


The Elven Souls make their way toward one of the Progkpian civilization centers and encounter a large group of Progkpians who had come out to greet the strange alien creatures that they could see approaching from far off.


The Elven Souls allow some of the Progkpians to come close and examine them, even touch them.


The Progkpians attempt to talk to the extraterrestrials, referring to them as the Avian Aliens since they can fly and somehow flew to their planet from beyond the skies. The Avian Aliens, unable to understand specifically what the Progkpians are saying to them, respond by singing a song of peaceful greeting, but it only frightens the Progkpians.


The Progkpians's fear gets the better of them and they charge the Avian Aliens with sticks and stones in an effort to chase away the strange alien creatures from beyond the sky whose singing hurts their ears and radiance strains their eyes.


The Avian Aliens refrain from fighting back, even though they tower above the small Progkpians and could easily kill them all, and instead fly away, because ultimately these Elven Souls are pacifists and want only peace and cannot stand violence and will only fight back when there are absolutely no other alternatives.


Saddened they could not make a meaningful connection with the native inhabitants, the Avian Aliens search for a place on the planet far away from any Progkpians.


They find a thick forest not too unlike the one in which they lived on their dying home planet Hobbitozz. This they make their home and they sacralize the land and the trees, declaring the area hallowed ground, safe and hidden from the rest of the world.


Centuries pass, almost a millennium, and the Avian Aliens realize this world is dying too, just like what happened to Hobbitozz, only that was the fault of the Druid of the Wood, and this appears to be the fault of the Progkpians who had their industrial revolution a couple centuries ago and have long exploited the resources of the planet without giving anything back or attempting to figure out sustainable methods of supporting themselves.


The Avian Aliens conduct a ritual of invocation in an attempt to commune with the planet, and they learn that the planet's soul is called Thos. She informs the Avian Aliens that there is no hope, that the atmosphere must kill the surface inhabitants in order for the planet to mend herself.


The Avian Aliens realize they have a choice a choice to make: help the Progkpians or find another planet to fly to like their ancestors did generations ago when they came from Hobbitozz to Progkp.


They decide they will help the Progkpians and so the Avian Aliens leave their fading forest to find the whole planet is dying and the Progkpian civilizations have dwindled mass migrations, water wars, and lack of food, and the remaining Progkpians have become desperate.


The Progkpians see the Avian Aliens and plead for mercy and assistance.


The Avian Aliens show the Progkpians how they can survive below the planet's surface, and they help them build networks of tunnels, subterranean aqueducts, and underground cities using only the natural resources of the inner planet, like dirt, mud, clay, stone, water and obsidian.


The Progkpians plead for the Avian Aliens to remain below the surface with them, but the aliens explain that they would never be able to survive forever underground, that the time already spent below the surface has weakened their souls, and that they must return to die in what's left of their forest.


The Avian Aliens leave the Progkpians and return to the surface of the planet knowing they will not be able to survive for long in the toxic atmosphere on a planet that has had its resources depleted and its atmosphere poisoned. They return to the forest where they lived for centuries, but there are no more leaves on the trees. Everything has dried up. They know they will die here because they are too weak at this point to prepare to fly to another planet.


A few brave Progkpians go in search of the Avian Aliens in order to offer their thanks. When they arrive they see nothing but their bones. And so they spend the rest of their lives building a temple out of the hallowed bones of the alien elven souls, which they call the Temple of the Avian Aliens and they consecrate it with a ceremony attempting to sing as well as they can in the language of the avian aliens.