MISSALETTE #15: The Exquisite Corpse Issue
cover of cubby missalette 15

DIGITAL: Website  |  PDF  |  EPUB

PHYSICAL: (8.5"x7" ; 20 pp. w/exquisite corpse mini CD-R) - $5.00

Cubby Missalette #15: The Exquisite Corpse Issue was released Oct 30, 2003, was edited by Ben Tinker and Liz Costello, This missalette was created in a single setting, exquisite corpse-style, with contributors passing around drawings, collages, stories, and poems for each other to add to or complete. Missalette 16 also included a mini-CD-R with an exquisite corps musical piece, assembled by Ben Tinker, a.k.a. That Hideous Strength. There were no Cubby Bible chapters included in this missalette.
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