The Cubby Missalette is a zine published irregularly in San Francisco by The Cubby Creatures and the greater Cubby collective. Since 1997, 24 issues have been produced, with a number of different Cubby co-conspirators serving as editor or co-editor.

the cubby missalette's mission = to: probe the zeitgeist. penetrate the fog of mainstream media's lies and distortions. question authority. generate unconventional wisdom. incite empathy. experiment liberally. catalog amazing things. promote the Cubby and its causes. feature the words and images of radicals, maniacs, freaks, dorks, queers and weirdos, as well as others. sew seeds of love and health. facilitate the self-authorization of the individual spirit. honor truth and offer hope. shake and stir.

the cubby missalette, first published in 1997, was conceived as a refuge, platform, play space and grow house for radical thought, challenging imagery, and psychedelic vision. it was designed to be a lifelong project, periodically revisited, chronicling the ever-unfolding Nao, utilizing whatever materials and talents happen to be handy, and bringing together a chorus of voices all testifying to the zeitgeist and prescribing good medicine for humanity.

The Cubby Missalette is a product of the Cubby, a semi-organized organization whose ongoing mission = to: free minds. collect wisdom. promote understanding and harmonious coexistence. provide a safe space for the creative spirit (which we deem holy). espouse radical ideas. foment evolution. crusade for justice. manifest fantastic occurrences. achieve communal and respective goals. develop better ways of being. offer salve for the creative spirit. facilitate quests for personal raisons d'ĂȘtre. nourish souls. feed minds. improve Selves. know others. live symbiotically with earth. provide collective support for revolution through inspired living.

The Cubby Missalette is a zine, sometimes with a theme, and sometimes not, that we (we being the Cubby Creatures, the Cubby, the greater Cubby collective) have published sporadically since 1997, featuring stories, drawings, collages, images, poems, profanities, messages, thoughts, lyrics, photos, comics, and our own allegorical narrative we call the Cubby Bible. The motivation behind the Cubby Missalette really is to showcase the art and ideas of the common person.
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