MISSALETTE #16: The TV Issue
cover of cubby missalette 16

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PHYSICAL: (8.5"x7" ; 28 pp.) - $3.00

Cubby Missalette #16: The TV Issue was released July 24, 2004, was edited by Brock Keeling, current editor of SFist, with art direction by Alissa. Brian Weaver ediited the online version. And as Brock wrote in the editor's intro, "So, like a useless trust-fund adult pining away for their surrogate-mother nanny, I wistfully tip my wide-brimmed hat to my third parent, TV, for doing such a bang-up job in raising me." Missalette 16 included the Cubby Bible chapter A Reading from the Cubby Bible: The Adventures of Darth Vader, Chapter 5: A Love Story
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