Tuesday Exploded and Screamed
by Phil Ramirez

image of a boy holding his hands over his ears

Tuesday exploded and screamed. Something violent punched a hole into our shrinky dink reality, revealing a vulnerable, eternal awareness that we are all one. And we hurt. Together we moan the horrific tragedy that thrashed our world. Together we ignore or face raw feelings of anger and vengence and sadness that bubble up in our hearts. Together we strive to give whatever we can to heal...love, hope, blood, money, hugs. Together we stand against all injustice and stare at a great and ugly breakthrough into the future. What kind of future? That's up to you. What kind of future do you want? We can easily fall onto the comfortable couch of hatred but I challenge the lot of you to find and give love to yourselves and each other. It is courageous and powerful to love instead of hate. Hatred is fueled by fear and ignorance. Love is fueled by understanding and wisdom. May the love of the universe pour forth from your hearts into the lives of all your families and friends. Tell someone you love them today with words or actions.  And do something nice for yourself today. 

Addendum: I believe we should wage war -- a war on ignorance and fear in ourselves. Every time we have an unpleasant thought or feeling, we should assualt that experience with love and acceptance. Only until every single one of us, or at least a majority of us, begin this war, we will always remain divided.

Much Love,
Phil Ramirez


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