Emergency Missalette: A Cubby Response to the Attack on America

photographic image of the Cubby flag

We are waving our Cubby flag in honor of the people who lost their lives on 9/11 and as a symbol of hope during these hapless times. (Please note that the resemblance between the Cubby flag and the American flag is completely coincidental and we apologize if, 1. You have an aversion to the American flag and mistook our flag for the American flag; or 2. When you saw the Cubby flag you thought we were defacing the American flag and therefore suspected us of being anti-American, terrorist-loving infidels. For the record, neither of those things is necessarily true. The truth was stated in the first sentence. Please refer to that if you begin to question the meaning of the Cubby flag being on this page.)

Below are some writings from the world of the Cubby (the extended network of Cubby friends and individuals sympathetic to the Cubby cause). We felt it was necessary to publish an emergency online missalette to process our thoughts and feelings about the terrible tragedy that occurred on 9/11. One of the purposes of art is to express emotions, thereby helping to heal ourselves and hoping to enlighten others. This ultimately is our intent.

Driving Mr. Jingo
John Vlahides writes about how here in the Bay Area
there was a respite from road rage after 9/11

We Stand United Against Terrorism -- All Terrorism
Osama bin Laden isn't the only terrorist in the world
Robert Kaplan explains

Ebb and Flow
BK explains how mariah carey fits the whole thing

In Search of Answers
Sara Paul consults an atlas in search of answers...

Humble pie
A. M. tells why america should maybe eat
some "humble pie"

From the Front Lines
Two Gun Mathilda talks about what it's like
in NYC two days after the attack

I Feel Sick
Tim Bates responds to 9/11 on 9/11

The All-Seeing Eye
J. responds to e-mails and talks about "the eye"

The News Will Get Us Killed
Tack tells us why we're not going to get bin Laden

Food for Thought
Mr. Castellanos speaks his mind

Tuesday Exploded and Screamed
Phil Ramirez tells it like he feels it

Letter to Maria
Karl Soehnlein writes a letter to his friend in NYC
who was walking her dog on tuesday morning
and witnessed the twin tower destruction from the street

In the Midst of Tears
Karl Soehnlein speaks from the heart

A Letter From the Church of Craft
Rev. Tristy Taylor announces an emergency church of craft gathering

Dear Friends and Loved Ones
An American Muslim visiting prague wishes for peace

From the Land of the Word Economy
Poetic thoughts and images from Alec and Maggie

My Dinner with Ferdinand
A work of fiction by Ben Tinker

Thinking About the Unthinkable
Liz Costello tells why it can be difficult to be
a thinking human being during times like these

Read more about what's happened by people
who don't necessarily share the same
ideas as those in power

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