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About RCR

The Record Collector's Resource consists of Brian Weaver. He has referred to RCR in the first person plural throughout the different sections of this Web site to make it seem as though RCR is a group of people and not just one person. He thought this would make the visitor to this Web site feel as though the opinions expressed and the facts provided by RCR were very authoritative -- more authoritative than if they knew they were being expressed by only one person.

So now that you know that RCR is just one person, allow us to tell you about this person, or least about his interest in records. Brian Weaver is indeed an avid collector of records. He has been ever since he first bought Depeche Mode and Cure records in high school. He now has over 1,000 records, but most likely not more than 1,200. He's not sure because he's never actually counted. These days he primarily collects classic rock records from the 60s, though he has sizable colletions of soundtracks, classical, international, and 80s rock and technopop. Brian does also collect CDs, but he doesn't have nearly as many of those as he does records. He much prefers the medium of the vinyl record. He has yet to start collecting 78 RPM records, but hopes to one day, once he gets a player that can play at that speed.

Brian would like to thank Alissa Mach who helped with the design of the RCR logo, Dr. Linda Main for assigning this project and for provding excellent instructions on the constrction of Web sites, and all the creators of the Web sites cited in the RCR Web site who provided essential information needed to complete this project.