No trip to 6th Avenue would be complete without a glimpse of this quirky dynamo. No need to fret... Babs wouldn't miss a Sunday skate for all the buried guns in Montana. Here... There... Up... Down... like a kid with A.D.D., Babs cannot stay put for an instant. Her look is equally chaotic; one month a blonde, the next a brunette, she's a chameleon with a penchant for spandex and lace-- a scintillating combo!
Unlike her playful fashion flair, when it comes to skating Babs means business. Some have attributed her extreme look of determination and willingness to try anything to a possible glitch upstairs, if you catch my drift. The jury is still out on that one, but all must agree that when Babs is on it's something to behold-- every minute she outdoes herself. Don't look away for an instant or you may just miss something big!

Although she regularly elbows in on others' routines, Babs has cultivated a few fresh moves of her own. One patented favorite is the Waitress, where she spins in place while holding both arms out with elbows bent (like a drive-in waitress) which, when she is feeling saucy, occasionally evolves into the Robot (think pop-lock).

The move to watch out for though is the Fall/Play-Off. Never one to be outdone, Babs will attempt any maneuver; oftentimes they are well

beyond her skill caliber and when this is the case, she inevitably falls. However, here is where the artistry shines through. Rather than just get up, Babs prefers to cover up her mistake with some fancy ground work, usually accompanied by a coquettish expression.