A more recent addition to the scene (or perhaps returning from destinations unknown?), Button-Down Guy will blow your mind and leave you begging for more. This man is not even trying to pretend he is not out here solely to garner audience appreciation. He aims to please, so get ready to be dazzled!

Sometimes graceful, othertimes down right naughty, Button-Down Guy works the space with a proficiency not seen since the hey day of Roller Disco. He is a showman who oozes with confidence, displaying the verve of a man half his 40-something years. B.D.G. weaves in and out of his peers, seemingly to his own soundtrack--a loner with a style all his own and speed to match! His mastery and faultless utilization of facial expressions leads me to believe he has some sort of training in the theater arts behind him.

Despite all of his positive attributes, Button-Down Guy sports an Achilles heel of epic proportions which I find strongly disparaging: his bizarre sense of style. I categorize it as "Euro-trash". The tight cut-offs, blouse, and shaggy hair (with a tail no less!) may have been the rage back in the day (or perhaps in modern day Germany), but it doesn't cut

the mustard on the brink of a new Millennium. Please dear sir... get yourself a fashion consultant and the "Lord of the Rink" title is yours!!