the cubby creatures
2017 marks The Cubby's 20th birthday, and Cubby Control Records is on schedule to release not just one but *two* brand-new, never-before-heard Cubby Creatures albums, all before 2017 moseys into the history books.

First, of course, will come the longest-gestated rock opera in the history of music--JESUS CHRIST, YOU'RE CRAZY--coming at last in its full glory, with the Cubby Creatures' original songs brought together with Karl Soehnlein's narration of the post-ironic parable, accompanied by ambient audio pieces by That Hideous Strength, Squelchy, Snitch, Jason Gonzales, and Alec Way...all with fresh visual art from the Cubby collective.

Second up, slated for a late-year release corresponding to the 20th anniversary of the Cubby Creatures' premiere performance (at Artists' Television Access on December 7, 1997) Cubby Control Records will be releasing a collection of Cubby Creatures rarities--a trove of previously unreleased recordings, forgotten gems, jams, and jangles culled from rehearsal-space recordings, studio sessions, and home recordings.

"Static Fuzz" (from After the Deprogramming)

"Knitting Bee" (from Who Remembers Kathy Barra?)
All the Cubby Creatures' releases are available for purchase through Cubby Control Records.

the cubby creatures performing at the cubby national convention

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