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Cubby Creatures in Chinatown
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Source Mirror Record, Volume 3 cover Source Mirror Record, Volume 3: 1998
Cat #: CCR-020
Format: MP3 download released 2019
Source Mirror Record, Volume 2 cover Source Mirror Record, Volume 2: The World of Tina
Cat #: CCR-018
Format: MP3 download released 2018
Source Mirror Record, Volume 1 cover Source Mirror Record, Volume 1: 1997
Cat #: CCR-017
Format: MP3 download released 2017
Jesus Christ, You're Crazy cover Jesus Christ, You're Crazy
Cat #: CCR-016
Format: CD & MP3 download released 2017
After the Deprogramming cover After the Deprogramming
Cat #: RR#88
Format: CD & MP3 download released 2005
three sides cover three sides of cubby
Cat #: CCR-000
Format: 7" vinyl & CD-R released 2002
Who Remembers Kathy Barra? cover Who Remembers Kathy Barra?
Cat #: RR#60
Format: 10" vinyl & CD released 2001; MP3 download released 2012
Make Your Own Song cover Make Your Own Song
Format: CD-R & MP3 download released 2001
The Blessed Invention The Blessed Invention
Format: CD released 2000; MP3 download released 2012
A Very Cubby Christmas cover A Very Cubby Christmas
Format: cassette tape released 1997 (OOP); CD-R & MP3 download released 2003

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