MISSALETTE #22: The Cubby Preachers Missalette
cover of cubby missalette 22

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PHYSICAL: (5.5"x8.5" ; 40 pp. ; w/CPV CD-R) - $8.00

Cubby Missalette 22: The Cubby Preachers Missalette was released August 30, 2014 at the SF Zine Fest in San Francisco. It was edited and assembled by Brian Weaver, and contains the Cubby Bible chapter, a reading from the gospel of jol." The cover was designed by Brian Weaver. Missalette #22 included a corresponding release by the Cubby Preachers -- CPV thus bringing together the Cubby Missalette zine and Cubby Preachers music projects into one package.
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