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The Cubby is my safe space, I shall not fear. Anyway, that's the beginning of a psalm. Um, anyways, also, what about the Cubby Preachers, with a "P"? We can say something like – we could create a whole new band bio, saying that we, you and I, had taken a life-long vow to the Cubby to protect it and preserve it and to, you know, live our Cubby lives up until the end, and therefore, we are the Cubby Preachers. And we can announce that, you know, we are creating this whole new wing of the Cubby, this whole new recording project under the Cubby umbrella. And, um, from there we can use that as a jumping-off point to redefine all, like, -- or define all the, like, Cubby stuff that we want to and create the ultimate dream platform that we are saying that we are committing to. So think on that... JP, 2010
Cubby Preachers Three

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