Dear Friends and Loved Ones
by Sharif El-Mazati

image of a girl helping a man with a skull-mask on

Dear friends and loved ones,

I send this e-mail to you not to discuss my trip, but instead I send it out to you in regards to what has happened in our free nation. First off, a prayer and a moment of silence to the innocent victims who have lost their lives and the families whose hearts are deteriorating with every beat. This terrorist act on American soil does not stop there, it is an act on the Human race and Mother Nature. As you all know I am an American Muslim and the fear that this act was caused by Muslims frightens me. The fright is not for my own or my family's safety (although I do fear for my family's safety greatly now) but for the name of Islam (translation: Peace). These vicious, inhumane individuals do not represent our beliefs, community or upbringing. In every basket there are a few bad apples. Unfortunately these bad apples have committed one of the most disgusting acts imaginable. Before this unforgettable tragedy there was the Oklahoma City bombing, which was the worst terrorist act in US history. The fight against terrorism is not against one or two specific groups, but it is against all human kind that do not feel that the right to freedom is a birth right. I ask, as your friend and loved one, to not take these acts lightly at all, but at the same time do not take the preconceived notion that Muslims and Islam support and condone these acts. The natural desire to attack whoever committed this tragic historical event will only result in more innocent deaths. It is very easy to say, "An eye for an eye", but if that eye is the one of a five-year-old girl in the arms of her mother, I personally would not feel more satisfied but rather sicker than I feel now. I pray for our country, all of you and your families and the world itself. This moment in time was an unfortunate moment forcing us to realize what life is all about. Here in Prague they have set up candle demenstrations in memory of those who have lost there lives and those whose family members have lost a loved one. I pray that they are doing this all around the world from the States to China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and wherever else. This act has hit a number of chords in our hearts with it being so close to home; however, acts of war and violence are happening everyday around the world. With all the love in the world I wish Peace among all of you,

Sharif El-Mazati


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