From the Land of the Word Economy
by Alec and Maggie

artificial light and swollen eyes        heros flying        land heros        painting on over-exposure

maggie's thoughts: my eyes are caught in the glow of an electronic window and i haven't  moved yet. p.s.- federal sky marshals with machine guns on every plane. dead heroes.

  the great reconstruction           song for sky people           american pop           shining mind           monument for empty bear market

alec's thoughts: i work my brains + eyes out, monitoring the media in china basin, next to an 80-foot tall coke bottle and ticking clock by the water (pac bell park). i don't even notice when i'm crying. sometimes tears look like tiny splinters of ice. people holding pictures of missing, wandering in circles, in smoky dust, it looks like we've joined the rest of the world.

pit crew        don't forget        14 sept., nyc globe        the alchemist



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