The News Will Get Us Killed
by tack

clip art image of news boy yelling 'EXTRA'.

I hadn't felt angry yet. I hadn't felt anything at all. I know from studying data security that signals intelligence is delicate. You don't say why or how you know something, just that you do. Example: Say I'm listening to your phone calls. I find out that you're going to rob a bank, and I tell my boss. If he goes and blabs what he knows to the press, and includes a joke you told on the phone, you're going to know that you're phone is bugged. You will stop using it, and we can no longer snoop upon you.

So when I sat there watching TV. Taking in the constant news feed, and the news anchor said that the prime suspect was Osama Bin Laden because of reported "Communications Intercepts" I became livid. We're trying to track the fucker down, and foolio in makeup tells the terrorists, indirectly, exactly what is bugged, who's using it, and what he said.

Fat chance we'll catch them now. When the next attack happens, blame CBS. They compromised our means of early warning.



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