The All-Seeing Eye
by J.

image of the eye in the sky

I think [Michael] Moore is right on the money. [Osama] bin Laden, trained by the CIA. Yep. U.S., an oppressive force in the world, yep. Reaping what we sow, yep.

The jingoism of it all is too annoying. I can't take it. "America loses its innocence." What innocence? Are people that stupid? Yep.

Whether or not the [The All-Seeing] Eye is responsible (it's impossible to say), the Eye will now happily encourage the paradigm shift in the minds of the sheeple. "We are in a state of war." "Natonal defense is now our top priority." Only the eye will benefit from this. The average person will benefit nothing.

We already spend an incredible amount of money on defense and intelligence. And it failed. Well, when your intelligence agency is more interested in running drugs and mind control programs (eg MK-Ultra, Monarch) and making millions for itself instead of gathering intelligence, what do you expect will happen?

The shift is already beginning and it will be broad and significant. Try to avoid it. The (metaphorically(?)) alchemical sorcerers who run the show are working nonstop to achieve a permanent fascist state.

We must not let them.


Man I am really worried, getting more so all the time. Powell, Bush, Putin, Blair, etc., these statists are can barely hide their appreciation of drawing us into a prolonged state of 'war.' It's an anti-fascist's worst nightmare. I don't know what to do. Apparently they're already calling on Americans to begin preparing for a loss of freedoms, a war economy, and massive collectivism. Fascism is collectivism, remember, few people understand that.

We need to respond, unilaterally. All this 'consulting with our allies' is too creepy.

There is no talk of changing our oppressive foreign policy. No talk of why our intelligence agency has failed us because it's more concerned with running drugs and laundering money. No talk of war and jingosim veiling a flagging economy and unpopular leadership.

We're in big trouble. I pray, for real, that they don't take some of the actions people are suggesting.

The loss of life is horrible. Retaliation is necessary. But the rest of us must not suffer so the war profiteers and statists can unleash their despicable plans.

We must continue to live our lives as mormal, to the best of our ability, to follow our passions and life for our own fulfillment. Anything less could spell the beginning of the end for the human spirit and hope for positive change.

I am not exagerrating.


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