Although Sass is by far the most talented female on skates (probably everyone's choice as choreographer), it is common knowledge that she is also the hussy of the rink. It is not uncommon to see her skate away from one partner mid-song only to latch onto any man that will take her (and they all will, believe you me). Her motive is simply to make her boyfriend jealous and work all the others males into a frenzy, and it seems to work.

The gentle side of Sass manifests itself while "working" with the ever-elusive Uncoordinated Girl. She is unpatronizing towards her pitiful protégé and exhibits a surprising amount of patience and good will. I figure she has probably always been at the top of the heap in any number of areas, so Sass must be used to helping out with those less fortunate than herself.

When it comes to clothes, Sass follows one rule: The skimpier, the better. She has worked hard on her body and deserves to show it off.

A reputable source had this to say: "She's been cattin' around all the skate rinks in NoCal since the early 80's. Rumor has it that she has

never missed a couples skate -- and is hell-bent on keeping that record intact. She was especially popular in 88 when she held auditions at each public skate for a partner in the next slow song skate. Guys came from miles around to wait in line and show their stuff.

Her popularity has waned a bit since, what with the rise of inline skates, but she still has what it takes to make it in her business -- a hot bod, a whole lotta sass, and no loyalty to past loves and partners. Sass is a gamer -- She'll stay on top forever."