Dependable... Committed... Earnest... All words which spring to mind when pondering he who is known as Tie Dye. Kind of warms you from head to toe, doesn't it? Well, don't get too ruffled up just yet, because, like Button-Down-Guy, what passes for fashion "sense" in Tie Dye's world casts quite a shadow upon his otherwise commendable constitution. He consistently wears the same tired tie dye shirt and probably ranks #1 in the Offensive Hair Category, sporting an extreme version of the schlong (short front, long back). And no, this is not an accidental-do; A fellow devotee spotted Tie Dye on Haight Street getting his tresses touched-up. For shame!!

I get the feeling that Tie Dye has a sincere love of sport, particularly the camaraderie the scene fosters. No Hot-Dogger, Tie Dye prefers to skate with others rather than work on perfecting crowd-pleasing tricks & turns. One could attribute this to a mediocre skill level or lack of self-esteem. I, however, choose to believe it is simply central to Tie Dye's nature to surround himself with others. He's just a "people person" and there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Tie Dye does enjoy performing in front of the crowd, but he is a stickler for rules. When creating a routine, Tie Dye does so near the back of the space and gradually progresses towards the coveted front row spot. Any coherent observer knows this is just good etiquette. And sweet Jesus, you should see him shine when he pulls off a routine or move. Hi Fives all around!