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The band Coolidge were active in San Francisco from 1994 to 1996, the year their drummer Joe mysteriously disappeared. However, in that time they recorded an album's worth of material, best described as pyschedelic math punk. Some of those songs were released on the long out-of-print cassette tape Famed Viking Chieftan Kirk the Double-Chinned, which is considered the first Cubby Control Records release, and a couple more songs appeared on the first Embryo compilation The Satanic Embryo 4-track Adventure.

After the disappearance of their drummer, the rest of the band (that being Brian and Matt) continued under the name of Coolidge to produce recordings, but they of the audio collage style and no longer in the vein of the pyschedelic math punk they had originally played as a three-piece. Two of these audio-collage-style recordings can be heard on Embryo compilations 2 and 3. The rest have yet to see the light of day. But Cubby Control Records hopes to release these plus new tracks in the near future as well as all the old pyschedelic math punk tracks. Oh, and Joe has resurfaced. No need to worry.
Coolidge at the Boomerang, c. 1996

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