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Cubby Control Records (CCR) is a record label located in San Francisco, CA. CCR founder and sole proprietor Brian Weaver has been self-releasing music in San Francisco since 1997, first as Poopdeck Pappy, then via the Embryo Compilations, and subsequently as a member of the bands Coolidge, The Cubby Creatures (who also collaborated with the legendary San Francisco record label Rodent Records), and most recently with REPTIEL and The Cubby Preachers. CCR was formed to bring all this music and any future releases under one umbrella.

Cubby Control Records is an offshoot of The Cubby, a collective of folks who have since 1997 created art in the name of a mythical entity they imagined called The Cubby. The Cubby collective and its band The Cubby Creatures were a staple of the subterranean San Francisco art and music scene for a decade, during which time they launched a zine (The Cubby Missalette), a web site ( and a cable access series (Cubbyvision). In 2011, founding Cubby member Brian Weaver launched Cubby Control Records. The label has since then unleashed a steady stream of psychedelia into SF’s subcultural bloodstream. In addition to housing the Cubby Creatures' catalog, as well as those of Cubby friends REPTIEL, the label is also home to The Druggles, blāācmäjik, Gnom i Snegovik, and Cubby Creatures progenitor Coolidge, plus Mr. Weaver's eclectic series of Embryo Compilations, which has featured nascent musical projects since 1997.

In the upper right cubby of these Web pages is beloved cat and Cubby Control inhabitant Trouble (2001-2013), and in the lower left cubby is longtime Cubby Control inhabitant the Black Virgin (a.k.a. Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte). Both are significant figures and muses in the Cubby universe. Learn more about Cubby Control Records in the Interviews, Podcasts, and Radio Shows section below.

Interviews, Podcasts, and Radio Shows

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