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Sounds of CCR
Sounds of CCR is a project whereby every couple weeks or so we post an audio file produced by a Cubby Control Records artist, friend or fan. It can be any sound: a song, a demo, a story, a poem, a loop, a field recording, your cat meowing -- you get the idea.
2017.01.19 :: The current sound is "Last Chance" by The Cubby Creatures, originally released in October, 2006 on the Embryo 4: Homemade Music by Bay Area Musicians compilation and available now for streaming for the first time in honor of the 20-year anniversary of The Cubby.
2016.09.09 :: The current sound is "Sky Father" by The Druggles, from their album Spacegod Pills, released on Cubby Control Records Sept. 9, 2016).
2015.12.19 :: The current sound is "Jungle Bells" by Gnom i Snegovik, an "interesting" holiday season song from their yet to be released album Mysterius Anuf (due out on Cubby Control Records in 2016).
2015.10.23 :: The current sound is "(Beware) Woodland Witch" by REPTIEL, from their new album Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was.
2015.05.22 :: The current sound is "My Darlings" by Gnom i Snegovik, from their most recent release Last Snowman.
2015.03.01 :: The current sound is "Sum of Mind" by REPTIEL, from their most recent release Audio Vérité Series: FP 3.
2014.09.15 :: The current sound is "Empty Space" by The Cubby Preachers, from their most recent release CPV, included with Cubby Missalette #22: The Cubby Preachers Missalette.
2014.02.26 :: The current sound is "Hymn of Praise for The Forest" by REPTIEL, a song spontaneously created and recorded at one of their rehearsal sessions while writing Hobbitozz (The Land That Never Was), their fantasy rock epic that takes place in a pre-historical-earth-like forest world.

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