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Sounds of CCR
Sounds of CCR is a project whereby every couple weeks or so we post an audio file produced by a Cubby Control Records artist, friend or fan. It can be any sound: a song, a demo, a story, a poem, a loop, a field recording, your cat meowing -- you get the idea.
2019.02.03 :: The current Sound of CCR is "Chicken and the Wolf / The Chase" from The Cubby Creatures' Source Mirror Record, Vol. 3: 1998.
2018.06.23 :: The current Sound of CCR is "The Spirit Usher" from the new album by CCR label veterans REPTIEL, The Planet of Progkp.
2017.08.28 :: The current Sound of CCR is "Cubby Control Records Retrospective on KFJC May 26, 2017 Part 1" in which KFJC DJ Mitch LeMay interviews CCR proprietor Brian Weaver and plays music from the past 20 years of Cubby-related creations.
2017.01.19 :: The current sound is "Last Chance" by The Cubby Creatures, originally released in October, 2006 on the Embryo 4: Homemade Music by Bay Area Musicians compilation and available now for streaming for the first time in honor of the 20-year anniversary of The Cubby.
2016.09.09 :: The current sound is "Sky Father" by The Druggles, from their album Spacegod Pills, released on Cubby Control Records Sept. 9, 2016).
2015.12.19 :: The current sound is "Jungle Bells" by Gnom i Snegovik, an "interesting" holiday season song from their yet to be released album Mysterius Anuf (due out on Cubby Control Records in 2016).
2015.10.23 :: The current sound is "(Beware) Woodland Witch" by REPTIEL, from their new album Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was.
2015.05.22 :: The current sound is "My Darlings" by Gnom i Snegovik, from their most recent release Last Snowman.
2015.03.01 :: The current sound is "Sum of Mind" by REPTIEL, from their most recent release Audio Vérité Series: FP 3.
2014.09.15 :: The current sound is "Empty Space" by The Cubby Preachers, from their most recent release CPV, included with Cubby Missalette #22: The Cubby Preachers Missalette.
2014.02.26 :: The current sound is "Hymn of Praise for The Forest" by REPTIEL, a song spontaneously created and recorded at one of their rehearsal sessions while writing Hobbitozz (The Land That Never Was), their fantasy rock epic that takes place in a pre-historical-earth-like forest world.

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