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Last Snowman
by Gnom i Snegovik

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Movements, noises, drones, horns, bleeps, textures, voices, vibrations -- Last Snowman is a departure even for Gnom i Snegovik, since all tracks (except the last) were recorded in a multitrack program rather than live with a couple of microphones at a concert or rehearsal - the usual method of recording employed by Gnom i Snegovik. Moreover, all participants were recorded independently, under the simple rhythmic/harmonic sketches sent to them via email by Gnom i Snegovik frontman Danila Grethenevsky. And, accordingly, the musicians had not even heard what others had recorded. The final product is a collage of the recorded tracks. The author and performer of texts on the album is Belarusian free-jazz saxophonist Frederick Samotny, also known under the alias Oos Sadam.
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in jewel case with card stock insert and tray card with artwork by Anya Zakharova

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