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Spacegod Pills
by The Druggles

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"The is a 36-minute slab of charming melodies, off-kilter harmonies and an old-school dose of never-take-yourself-too-seriously. (And the album packaging is clever, too.)." - Sea of Tranquility

"The opening track, ‘Step Outside’, sets the scene right away with its Lou Reed-ish vocals, chugging guitar and off-kilter melody lines. But ‘Forkhead’ is where things really get going, combining a higher energy level with better production, a tasteful synth line and a top-notch tune. There’s something Bowie-esque about the way the different sections, despite all the key changes and oddball chord structures, gel perfectly with each other." - PureMzine
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CD   $8.00  
(in digipak with artwork by David York of D. York Design)

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