Source Mirror Record Vol. 3
Source Mirror Record, Volume 3 Song Notes
by Brian Weaver

All the songs on volume 3 of the Source Mirror Record series were written, performed or recorded in 1998.

1.[00:00 - 00:22] a very productive year
Taken from a November, 1998, rehearsal.

2. [00:23 - 03:28] Johnson 6 ("Yoko Sessions" version)
Unreleased track from the 1998 “Yoko sessions.” The Yoko Sessions are what I refer to as the recording sessions which took place starting at the end of 1998 and culinating in 1999. Recorded and mixed by Yoko Kato at an audio engineering school (can't remember the name) South of Market, over half the songs ended up on The Blessed Invention CD, the Cubby Creatures' first album, released in 2000. But four of them were never released. Three of those tracks appear here on SMR3, the first time they've ever been released in any official manner.

3. [03:29 - 05:43] Gentrifire
From July 13, 1998, rehearsal. I LOVE the guitar on this track. It has a very metallic sound to it. The driving clarinet and bass really make the song move.

4. [05:44 - 06:13] Welcome Home, Tina!
We still played the World of Tina music after the show in April. Perhaps we thought we would perform the rock operetta again at some point, but that never happened.

5. [06:14 - 09:19] In the Chapel of the Apparitions
The music in this track was originally created for our friend Karen as a birthday present which we gave to her on cassette tape at her birthday party in 1998. Listening to track years later, the vocals (and lyrics) were so bad, I didn’t want to use those. However, I love the music and wanted to include the track on SMR3 as a Cubby Creatures song. I added a backward guitar track, which is just Jol’s original guitar track in reverse, a couple synth lines with my Juno 6, and some rehearsal sounds to make it more inclusive of other Cubby Creatures. If you listen carefully you might be able to hear Emily say, "All I wanted to do was tell a story."

6. [09:20 - 10:00] At First Sight
And the park in reference is, of course, Dolores Park...

7. [10:01 - 14:00] Dolores Park Me ("Yoko Sessions" version)
Another unreleased track from the 1998 Yoko sessions. Recorded and mixed by Yoko Kato. “Dolores Park Me” was originally written in 1997, but we intended to include it on our first album but never did. This is the first time this version has been released to the public. We had the idea of having people talk in the background, I guess thinking that it would like people in a park. I think it is the only time Cubby co-creator and long-time Cubby Control inhabitant Rhachel Shaw appears on a Cubby Creatures track.

8. [14:01 - 16:22] Fallible Unction
From July 13, 1998, rehearsal. I love the very dark talking vocals/lyrics.

9. [16:23 - 17:01] I Am Pissed
From July 27, 1998, rehearsal.

10. [17:02 - 24:38] Mr. Schroeder
Though from an April 1999 rehearsal, after Bill has joined the band, the song was written in 1998. We played this song numerous times at rehearsal but never recorded it in a studio setting. Apparently we were still playing it when Bill joined the band. I love his keyboard part. This original jam was 12 minutes long. I cut it in half – try to hear where the edit is! Also, one of my favorite lyrics of all time – “Mr. Schroeder scratched his scrotum.”

11. [24:39 - 24:58] Brian Weaver, Brian Weaver
To the tune of Amorphous Love Song. I included this because, yes, I like to hear my name sung so nicely. But also because it makes a good introduction to

12. [24:57 - 29:07] Amorphous Love Song (original speed)
Unreleased original mix from the 1998 Yoko sessions. Recorded and mixed by Yoko Kato, the version eventually released on The Blessed Invention was sped up at the Magic Shop when we were mixing and mastering the album, and we liked the sound of it that way, but it made the sitar at the end almost inaudible. In this version you can hear the sitar a bit better.

13. [29:08 - 30:04] Carnaval Cruising
From July 13, 1998, rehearsal.

14. [30:05 - 31:06] Ploy II
Exact date unknown.

15. [31:07 - 31:27] Why Don’t You Say That You Really Love Me?
From May 4, 1998, rehearsal.

16. [31:28 - 34:32] Don’t in the Middle ("Yoko Sessions" version)
Unreleased track from the 1998 Yoko sessions. Recorded and mixed by Yoko Kato. Not sure why we never released this. A great track and a great recording IMHO.

17. [34:33 - 34:48] Delightful Jason on Drums

18. [34:49 - 36:16] Lorena’s Lament (I Have to Leave My Job)
Version of "I Have Ebola Now" with alternate lyrics from April 28, 1998 rehearsal. A 4-track version of this song was included on the first SMR since the song was written in 1997, and was one of our first songs we ever wrote. But I had to include this version because I love these alternate lyrics so much.

19. [36:17 - 36:59] How Much in Debt Are You? (Feat. Martindale)
Amazing that Wink Martindale attended one of our rehearsals. I had forgotten all about that.

20. [37:00 - 38:07] e-victed but adored
From April 28, 1998 rehearsal. I LOVE the interplay of the guitar and clarinet on this track.

21. [38:08 - 39:06] Astrological Sign Language
From undated 1998 rehearsal with some added effects by me.

22. [39:07 - 39:58] 24th Street Hustle
From November 12, 1998, rehearsal.

23. [39:59 - 40:00] Linda McCartney on Florida Street

24. [40:01 - 42:22] Chicken and the Wolf/The Chase (8-track version)
Perhaps one of our best songs that we never recorded in a studio setting. This 8-track version was probably recorded in 1999 or 2000, but this song was written in 1998, which I forgot until I heard it on a couple rehearsal tapes from November and December, 1998. I didn't realize we were playing it that early on.

25. [42:23 - 43:48] The Santera’s Hangover Cure
From July 27, 1998 rehearsal. Some psychedelic sounds from a rehearsal with effects added by me.

26. [43:49 - 44:31] What Happened to that Song?
From May 4, 1998 rehearsal. More psychedelic sounds from a rehearsal with effects added by me.

27. [44:32 - 45:38] Trippwired
From July 27, 1998 rehearsal.

28. [45:39 - 45:43] Thanks to the Solid Gold Dancers
The Telethon for the Benefit of Suzie was a big part of 1998 even though we never ended up performing it that year (see my intro). And interestingly the version we did end up performing in 2000, which was also the release party for The Blessed Invention CD, was quite different than the one we were preparing to perform in 1998. Somewhere between the two we must've abandonded the idea of having Solid Gold Dancers.

29. [45:44 - 46:48] Suzie’s Backstory
From April 28, 1998, rehearsal mixed with some discussion about the Suzie backstory.

30. [46:49 - 47:03] Not All That

31. [47:04 - 47:52] This is Fabulous!
A song from The Telethon for the Benefit of Suzie that did also make it's way into the 2000 version. This is just an exceprt from a longer version, but the lyrics are wacky I had to include it because it makes me laugh. There will be another version released in the future with the actual lyrics.

32. [47:53 - 50:49] So Much Trouble on Your Back
This version was recorded in 1998 on 4-track Tascam, digitized in 2018. Sadly the tape from which this version derives is old and you can hear some of the sounds of the drums and other instruments recorded on the tracks that are on the edges of the tape waver and cut out a little bit here and there. But it is possibly the only recording we have of this song. We used to play this song a lot in the early days. As I go through the archives I will see if there are any other versions extant, but this may be it.

33. [50:50 - 53:25] Astronauts Walk Among Us
The interplay of guitar, clarinet and violin is really beautiful on this track that we played once and never again.

34. [53:26 - 54:46] Dance of the Two Virgins
This song we played a number of times in 1998. I'm not sure if we ever played it after that. I will find out as I continue going through the archives, but this is possibly one of my favorite tracks that we never recorded.

35. [54:47 - 55:09] Mister Mister Weaver

36. [55:10 - 56:11] Polyester Action Hero (alternate version)
The version included on SMR2: The World of Tina did not include violin and clarinet. So I'm glad I found this version. This would have been more how it sounded when we performed it at The World of Tina show, minus vocals.

37. [56:12 - 59:18] It’s All Right
This song may be a little long and drawn out, but I love the groove and the comforting lyrics.

38. [59:19 - 59:42] Pleasant Dreams Simulcast