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Cubby Preachers 6
by The Cubby Preachers

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Cubby Preachers 6 brings together a new cast of Cubby Preachers (Dru Ariel, Ladyshackles, Ithryn Luin, Dee Kesler, Grand Kali Ma, Dusty Butlers) along with some OG CP stalwarts (Jol Devitro, Brian Weaver, The Housing Wave, and That Hideous Strength). The sounds range from synthpop to electronic drone, from psych folk and filk (fantasy folk) to dream pop and experimental rock. And the album features fantastical cover art by Dru Ariel.

Cubby Preachers 6 cover
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CD-R   $5.00  
in full-color jacket with artwork by Dru Ariel

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