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the embryo compilation:03: adventures in homemade music
by Various Artists

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"Subtitled Adventures in Homemade Music, this release, a homegrown product of the San Francisco band Cubby Creatures, collects a variety of recordings from bands dedicated to the principle of songwriting and music quality over having glistening studio sound to play with. It's a nice slice of turn-of-the-millennium music that generally avoids the usual cliches of American indie rock at the time -- lo-fi's continuing influence, emo's abbreviated complaints, and the like -- for a slightly older tinge: shoegaze and gentler post-punk explorations. Not that this collection is nothing but My Bloody Valentine wannabes in a row or revivals of Red House Painters; instead it's more a shared spirit of warm and fuzzy space rock and feedback wash spiked with many nice twists and turns. Combined with the one-person-in-a-bedroom aesthetic and its own infinite variations, the result is a fine, generally low-key listen, one or two folky cul-de-sacs aside. Oahu's 'In 3' is a good representative example, the steady rhythm accentuated by soft vibes and a recurrent, wordless vocal hook that settles into a gentle trance. Brian Weaver's acoustic/electric blend 'De Quel Planete Es Tu?' is another winner, random movie and other samples making things oddly disoriented as it goes, while That Hideous Strength whips up a wonderfully weird effort on 'The Aerialist's Tiara', with a rhythm loop collage settling into a dreamy coda." - allmusic

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