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the embryo compilation:03: adventures in homemade music
by Various Artists

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1. yo, the album that killt me () by Shackleton
2. 9am () by Dax
3. Captured by that Feeling Once Again () by The Angelo
4. In3 () by Oahu
5. Adam's Ear () by Timonium
6. Electronic Study in Modulation #2 () by SVS Sound Labs
7. Terrorist's Watch () by Lower Forty-Eight
8. Is it True that I am No Longer Young? () by Patina Praxis
9. De Quel Planete Es Tu? () by Brian Weaver
10. San Francisco () by The Cubby Creatures
11. Different Birds () by Carterette
12. Mrs. Crappowitz () by Squinchy and the Dofos
13. The Aerialist's Tiara () by That Hideous Strength
14. Bluebird () by Minmae
15. tomorrow is a new day () by one told yes
16. The Vegan Song () by The Andy Peters Show
17. Chica Chica () by Soapbox
18. Wake Up Call () by Coolidge
19. Peace, Love, Harmony, and Groove () by Mr. Fantastic
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