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Pioneering the nascent rock subgenre Yacht Psych (and believing they coined the descriptive phrase), REPTIEL rose from the ashes of conspiro-rockers Thee Druggles, indie phenoms Thee More Shallows, and cult-rock band The Cubby Creatures.

The San Francisco band practices the art of, what they call, "ceremonial musick," which they say involves delving deep into their communal unconscious resulting in songs about ancient legends, fantasy worlds and distant planets.

Their sound was well described by KFJC DJ Mitch LeMay as "tribal psych inspired by fantasy, arcane harmony/imagery and modernist/eclectic collaboration. They also ROCK quite substantially!"

The band's lineup consists of Alec Way (occasional collaborator with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, the Grandfather of Kraut Rock), Brian Weaver (who helped compose the infectious psychedelic pop of The Cubby Creatures), Jason Gonzales (one-time multi-instrumentalist with Thee More Shallows, beloved in the UK and Europe), and Jason Yakich (former lead guitarist of Thee Druggles).

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