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The Cubby Creatures came into existence in 1997 and have been through a number of different incarnations, both sound-wise and personnel-wise. They ceased playing live shows in 2008, but still have unreleased recordings, which Cubby Control Records will release in the near future. Some members of the Cubby Creatures now operate as The Cubby Preachers, which is primarily a recording project. And The Cubby Creatures' rhythm secton can be found performing with REPTIEL.

The Cubby Creatures initially self-released a few recordings, but in 2001 they teamed up with San Francisco label Rodent Records (which now operates as Light Rail Records) and released an EP, a single and an LP. All the Cubby Creatures recordings have now been brought together and made available here at Cubby Control Records.
Cubby Creatures in Chinatown

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