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three sides of cubby
by The Cubby Creatures

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Three sides of cubby was The Cubby Creatures' first and last 7" single. The record contains their psychedelic version of "Fly" by Nick Drake, which was originally recorded for a Nick Drake compilation but was deemed "not experimental enough" to be on said compilation. The Cubby Creatures decided to release it themselves along with two other tracks: the steampunk classic "Tinker Pop," written for their friend Benjamin Tinker (a.k.a. That Hideous Strength), and the pop gem "Sweet Nothings." These songs appear on no other Cubby Creatures release, and are currently not available for purchase as MP3 downloads.
three sides of cubby cover
currently not available in any e-format

7" vinyl   $4.00  
in paper sleeve with artwork by Kevin Clarke and insert designed by The Cubby Creatures

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