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October 13, 2018: Turn your radio dial to KFJC 89.7 FM (or point your computer clicker to Saturday, October 13, at around 1pm to hear REPTIEL perform some psychedelic prog rock live on air.

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June 21, 2018: Cubby Control Records announces the release of The Planet of Progkp album, label veterans REPTIEL’s science fiction-themed sequel to their euphonious fantasy foregoer Hobbitozz...A Land That Never Was. The new release is the fourth album by REPTIEL and the second of a multi-part series of psychedelic sci-fi/fantasy rock albums the band is composing.

Continuing the “plush,” theatrical” and “atmospheric” (The Big Takeover) sound and mood of Hobbitozz, The Planet of Progkp finds the protagonist of “the land that never was” ushered through spacetime to “a world unlike any other, where shadows reign and the sun has set forever.”

The Planet of Progkp was recorded during 2016 and 2017 at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco by outsider record producer Elton Cunniffe who is responsible for some of the most unheard underground recordings in San Francisco history.

The Planet of Progkp website brings together the music and the story with artwork from a number of artists who selected a song, or songs, to illustrate.

cover of The Planet of Progkp album by REPTIEL

April 27, 2018: Cubby Control Records is back with Volume 2 of The Cubby Creatures' Source Mirror Record series. Through the Source Mirror Record Cubby Control Records presents unreleased demos, abandoned projects, rehearsal recordings, never released studio recordings, and other audio oddments and remnants from the Cubby Creatures archives, making them available as musical podcasts free to download, or to purchase individually (and at higher resolution) on Bandcamp.

Source Mirror Record Vol. 2 is devoted to The World of Tina, the "rock operetta" written and performed by The Cubby Creatures in 1998. The World of Tina tells the story of Astro who goes for a drive one day, crashes his car and wakes up in a different world surrounded by little baby doll people who need Astro to help them find Tina. The Cubby Creatures performed this rock operetta at the Peacock Lounge in San Francisco on April 11, 1998, but never recorded it in a studio setting. The recording that is Source Mirror Record Vol. 2 is taken from rehearsal recordings and 4-track tapes with some overdubs added in the last few months. The result is, as Cubby co-founder Jol Devitro declares "up there amongst the weirdest of musical recordings" and Cubby Control Records proprietor Brian Weaver describes as "an odd, humorous, silly, psychedelic and altogether unique piece of music and storytelling."

cover of Source Mirror Record, Volume 2
artwork by Dane Patterson

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