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The Planet of Progkp

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REPTIEL's The Planet of Progkp is a science-fiction sequel to their euphonious fantasy foregoer Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was. This release is the fourth album by REPTIEL and the second of a multi-part series of psychedelic sci-fi/fantasy rock albums the band is composing. Continuing the “plush,” theatrical” and “atmospheric” (The Big Takeover, 2016) sound and mood of Hobbitozz, The Planet of Progkp finds the protagonist of “the land that never was” ushered through spacetime to “a world unlike any other, where shadows reign and the sun has set forever.”

The Planet of Progkp website brings together the music and the story with artwork from a number of artists who selected a song, or songs, to illustrate.

The Planet of Progkp was recorded during 2016 and 2017 at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco by outsider record producer Elton Cunniffe who is responsible for some of the most unheard underground recordings in San Francisco history.

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