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The Blessed Invention
by The Cubby Creatures

Buy Description Track Listing Reviews "The [Cubby] Creatures use a basic guitar, bass, and drums setup, plus clarinet, keyboards, violin, and assorted samples to create complicated, densely layered, cheerfully surreal music characterized by unexpected juxtapositions and inversions -- see "Up Song," featuring the line, "Somebody said the world's gonna end/So pick out your clothes and pack up your friends." That somehow exemplifies the Cubby Creatures. You might hear some of the eccentric pop of vintage Kinks, some of the inspired art-damaged lo-fi psychedelia of the Elephant Six Collective (The Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Apples in Stereo et al), and some of the inspired madness of Captain Beefheart. But then there's always that violin, which gives all the upbeat weirdness a folky, dirgelike edge. Jesse Ashlock,, Dec. 6, 2001."

Aquarius Records: "Atonal pop mischief that sounds like it could have been on Ralph Records, and sounding at times a little like a dorkier Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. An eclectic jumble of effected vocals, violin, clarinet, and samples. ."

The Blessed Invention cover
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in jewel case with insert artwork by Kevin Clarke and The Cubby Creatures

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