Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was
Music and Story
Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was, was conceived and written by REPTIEL during the years 2012-2014. The album was recorded and mixed at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco by Elton Cunniffe during 2014, except for tracks 1, 9, 12 and 15, which were recorded by REPTIEL and assembled by Brian Weaver at Cubby Control in the Outer Mission of San Francisco. All tracks were mastered by Jason Gonzales at his O-Town Mastering studio in Oakland, CA, during January, 2015. All songs written by REPTIEL, © 2015. Released by Cubby Control Records.

Alec Way - guitars, keyboards, piano, percussion, lead & backup vocals; slide/EBow bass/guitar on "Tree Of Life"
Brian Weaver - bass guitar, lead & backup vocals; acoustic guitar on "Forest Boy"
Jason Gonzales - drums, backup vocals, percussion; electric guitar on "Elven Souls of the Forest Knolls"
Jason Yakich - guitars, backup vocals; mandolin on "Song of the Druid"

Special Guest Musicians...
Elton Cunniffe - swirling leaves on "Leaves Are Falling"
Greg Turner - woodwinds on "Forest Boy"

The Hobbitozz Website was designed and coded by Brian Weaver. The Magnific Popup script was taken from dimsemenov.com and "is available under MIT license."
Brian Weaver created the artwork for track #1, "Intro." Brian is REPTIEL's bassist and co-lead vocalist, as well as the founder and proprietor of Cubby Control Records (and the creator of this Web site). Brian's piece, which was also used as the cover of the Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was CD, is derived from a photo he took in the Parc du Mont-Royal in Montreal. A portion of that photo was heavily manipulated in Photoshop resulting in what is intended to be a rare view of the sky through the trees in the forested world of Hobbitozz. Brian writes that "I originally intended the image to represent the moment in the story after Forest Boy has met JackOh the Green and JackOh's 'vaporous colors' are making Forest Boy's 'mind taller' allowing him to rise above the treeline to see his destiny. But since the image ended up being used for the cover of the album, I think it corresponds well with the Intro music, which is meant to bring the listener into the world of Hobbitozz, so the view of looking up to the sky through the trees is like you're falling into the forested world of Hobbitozz." See more of Brian's artwork, photos and music posts on his Tumblr at blacmajik.tumblr.com.

Benjamin Tinker created the artwork for track #3, "Forest Boy." Benjamin Ethan Tinker (New York, 1969) is a multidisciplinary artist and electronic musician who has lived in San Francisco since 1996. He chooses to work primarily with analog synthesizers with which he composes electroacoustic music, and performs regularly with the improv ensemble White Pee, and his own project That Hideous Strength. In addition, he curates and writes about experimental music. He has a BFA in Sculpture from SUNY Purchase and a MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College. Between those degrees was a decade of commercial audio engineering.

Sean Chiki created the artwork for track #4, "Near and Far." Sean Chiki is a cartoonist and grade school teacher, who has made San Francisco his home for the past twenty years. He is a veteran of several San Francisco bands and has worked as a sound designer for a number of plays, which have appeared in San Francisco's Fringe Festival. Sean produced the comic book series, Wunderkammer, which ran from 2009 to 2012. As to why Sean chose to illustrate this particular song, he explains, "I was giving Hobbitozz a first listen and when "Near and Far" came on, I started seeing it unfold in my head like a demented Warner Brother's cartoon... and so I tried to capture it on paper... with mixed results." Visit Sean's website at www.dadayama.com.

C. Tornatzky created the artwork for track #5, "Leaves Are Falling." C. Tornatzky is a digital artist situated near the great Rocky Mountain range. As a companion to the Hobbitozz song "Leaves are Falling", she chose the (unusual to her) medium of colored pencil to capture the mystery and excitement of a hobbit's treacherous journey to Ozz. What fell creatures are to be found hiding in the woods? How will our hero navigate the pitfalls that are laid before him? Do not let the sweetness of the forest beguile you from your path, young one!

Rani Goel created the artwork for track #6, "These Woods Are Haunted" and track #9, "Forest Boy Forages for Food." Rani is an artist, writer, and mystic. She writes that "The soulful truth that comes through nature, music, and extra-ordinary human consciousness inspires my work. For the creation of the 'Forest Boy Forages For Food', image, I listened to the track several times and used a combination of hand-drawing and digital colorization and editing. The images for 'These Woods Are Haunted' were created by using photographs I took at Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve (an ancient sand dune covered in centuries-old oak trees) in San Luis Obispo. I did some digital editing while listening to the 'Hobbitozz...' album." Find more of Rani's artwork on Facebook and @ranivision on Instagram.

Doug Welch created the artwork for track #7, "(Beware) The Woodland Witch," and track #8, "JackOh the Green." Doug has been a Cubby Convert since 1998 and contributed a video montage for The Cubby Creatures' "Telethon for the Benefit of Susie" event as well as several articles and some artwork to The Cubby Missalette. The journey to Hobbittozz comes at a fortuitous time as the stars and the planets align with Doug's completion of graduate school. Perhaps if he slays a druid at the right location, at the right time, he can escape to the prog planet? In recent years the former DRGLZ vocalist has been spotted in the moonlight in baja Arizona entertaining friends and family with stories and song. If you have access to a druid, you can contact him through Cubby Control Records.

Daniela Yew created the artwork for track #10, "Ecstasy in Shadow Green," and track #11, "Song of the Druid." Daniela writes that she "can't remember a time when I was not drawing, painting or making things. Recently I have moved more toward mixed media, paper cutting and paper sculpture in my art. Three-dimensional pieces seemed like the perfect choice for Hobbitozz with its themes of journey and discovery." See more of Daniela's artwork on her blog: daniyew.blogspot.com.

Anselm Yew created the artwork for track #12, "The Elven Souls of the Forest Knolls," and track #14, "The Druid of the Wood." Anselm is an illustrator/animator who last year decided to take some time away from digital work and get back to using traditional materials - actual paint and paper. Regarding this Anselm states, "It has been fun though there have been times I miss the ability to hit ctrl+z." Regarding the two pieces Anselm did here, he writes that they were "done in watercolor and gouache with some small digital additions which hopefully lend a bit of a psychedelic edge to things, as befitting the music. My personal art does tend to be a little dark, so a song about blood-letting was right up my alley!" You can see more of Anselm's artwork on his website: Anselmyew.net.

ghawdottir created the artwork for track #13, "Tree Of Life." ghawdottir makes visual art and creates sound sculptures (and more traditional song forms).

Alec Way created the artwork for track #15, "Outro." Alec makes musical and visual art on iPhone and with The 'Tiels. See his Soundcloud.

All images, lyrics, and music copyright © 2015 & 2016 Cubby Control Records