Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was

Song of the Druid
Song of the Druid artwork by Daniela Yew
"Song of the Druid" artwork by Daniela Yew

After dancing with the sprite, the spirits who have so long been guiding Forest Boy through the world of Hobbitozz and to his destiny appear to him for the first time, and he is able to see them. These Elven Souls of Forest Knolls sing to Forest Boy about the Druid of the Wood. They tell him that the Druid knows the answer to life, and that if Forest Boy thinks he should know the answer to his life, then he should enter the Druid's sacred grove "in darkest dead of night."
The Druid of the Wood
knows the answer to life
deep inside his wood
surrounded by light

Do you think you could
avoid his eyes so white
Do you think you would
withstand his glare so bright

If you think you should
know the answer to life
enter this sacred wood
in darkest dead of night

Not even moonlight should
shine on this blackish night
Find the Druid of the Wood
sleeping on a bed of light

In the midst of this wood
the Druid's Grove there lies
a sacred place of old
seen only by a few eyes

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